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Well, I'm an average American, I guess. I love music; I currently have 10k+ in my library. And I think I have at least one song of nearly every genre, probably. I like all kinds of music, though my favorite genre is probably House/Electronica/Techno. I'm a huge anime/manga fan. Currents favorites include D.N.Angel (which I have loved for nearly six years now and will never stop loving), Axis Powers Hetalia (which I somehow managed to get into just before the first episode aired), and Durarara!! (which I started watching on I whim--I will never doubt my whims EVER AGAIN). I also love reading fiction (Harry Potter, Good Omens, etc.) and nonfiction (Chinese Aesthetics and Literature, The Secret History of the English Language, etc.). I also like certain kinds of video games...just, I haven't defined what that was yet. They're all over the place (Ace Attorney, Brawl, etc.)

On the more boring side, I am a Sophomore at Vanderbilt majoring in Asian Studies (and hopefully a Neuroscience minor), all while pursuing entrance into Pharmacy school. ^^;; Yes, I want to academically commit suicide--why do you ask?

This journal is primarily used for fandom exploits, so be warned: you will likely read lots of odd stuff here (if I ever update, of course), thought there will also be some RL stuff. My Facebook is where I hold the facade of a "normal" life, so I don't see why I can't have fun here. :D Also, I will attempt to write fanfiction on here...possibly. But I tend to either A) procrastinate or B) not have any time in the first place, so yeah. If you are interested in anything I wrote, though, just go to my ff.net account. As far as fanart...yeah, I'm not very good, so that's probably not going to happen.

You can call me Ninji if you like.

As an aside, the current D.N.Angel mood theme I use was made by lavender88.