This is different enough to warrant a different post.


So, I caved and watch the first season of Carnival Phantasm because I had completely finished Tsukihime and had gotten far enough through Kagetsu Tohya to understand that side of things...

But I've only just started playing Fate/Stay Night.  THAT BUDGET.  Better CGs, movies, voice acting...God DAMN.  But God dammit, Shirou, why are you such a misogynist?  You have a super-powerful Servant protecting you, and you don't want her to fight because she's a woman?!  Jesus Christ...I hope your past makes up for this.  XP

I decided to switch to FSN without finishing KT because Fate/Zero is coming out...relatively I wanted to at least get the Fate route out of the way before I even thought of watching it.  Of course, being inundated with homework is NOT helping that situation.

...Damn, don't you love my priorities?

ANYWAY, I should be sort-of memorizing my Japanese presentation for tomorrow instead of contemplating playing through another day of FSN.  ^^;;

Sumemr 2011 Final Impressions, Part 2

Most of this was in the later half of the week...let's see if I can remember which ones I have and haven't done already.

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As for school...this weekend has been GHDFJS.  I had to write a 6-8 page metaphysics paper and create a powerpoint for a Japanese presentation.  I WANNA DIE.  But it's inching ever closer to Fall Break, so I will survive!  That, and I'll (hopefully?) get a package this week with the second AoEx OST, and the No.6 OST and novel complete guide.  NEED WANT etc. etc.  I also really want the T&B and PenguinDrum OSTs if/when they come out.  I know the T&B one comes out relatively soon, but I don't know about the PenguinDrum one.

Also, DAT LAST EPISODE OF PENGUINDRUM, HOLY SHIT.  D:  And Natsume gets a fourth season, YAY.

What did I just read?!

So, I just read on YouTube the few chapters of Gravitation EX I never got to reading (and I seriously need to find out if there's an English-language communitiy for this; I want to read the new chapters!)...


Ryuuichi going all crazy with split personalities, and the whole ghost-thing being taken know, I like Gravitation when it's serious.

Also, Yuki and Shuichi are SO messed up as a couple.  I mean, they have their adorable moments, but Shuichi says more than once the thing he likes best about Yuki is his face.  I mean, really?  Really?!

Oh well.  I'll still love them, even if it is through nostalgia goggles.

Summer 2011 Final Impressions, Part 1

I kept hearing complaints on /a/ about how much the summmer season tends to suck...but I was watching over 20 shows this season, so I don't know about that assessment...

These are the shows that ended this week; I'm going to do this the same as last season, and put up a new post for every week in which something ends.

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And that's it for this week, I believe.  I can only say for sure that Nichijou is ending next week...I don't know about the other series, because it really depends on whether or not they have 12 or 13 episodes (and I haven't looked all that up yet...).

I also watched the TWGOK OVA that came out this week...I was thoroughly amused by 1) such a fillery episode including the "so they do remember" tidbit from Keima (what I wouldn't give to see the current arc animated), and 2) WAS THAT YUI IN THE ENDING CREDITS?!  Man, I want a season 3.  And 4.  And 5.  And however long it takes them to get to the Goddess Arc.

Guh, this is harder than I imagined.

So, because I wanted to avoid doing any homework (...I'm such a bad student), I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to translate the D.N.Angel TV Animation Series novels.  A cursory glance had me realizing that the books were not split into chapters, but instead into sections split off by just whitespace.  Which confused me at first, but I figured that it would help me translate in small bits--easy breaking points and all that.

BUT MOTHERFUCKER.  My Japanese...I mean, I'm a third year in a school, and I know I've got a lot left to learn, but damn...I was only able to get through the first page in over an hour and a half.  @_@  And it's probably a really stiff translation, but I can only do what I can do, you know?

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fdhakjlfjdklah I need to not fail so much, dammit.  D:  When I actually get a decent sized chunk of this done (at totally irregular intervals, mind  you), I might actually post in in an LJ comm.
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This will be the longest wait I've ever had to go through ever. EVER.

Also, I really wanted a No.6 icon, but LJ's icon editor kind of hates me or something.

Yay I finally finshed it!

At 2:30am, I finished Tsukihime.  After weeks of playing it, it feels like.  Unfortunately, there weren't many happy endings.  Ciel and Arcueid's good endings were probably the ones I'd like to subscribe to as "canon", with Kohaku's ending coming close..but I want Arcueid, so Near Side routes have to win (which is unfortunate, because I like the info learned in the Far Side routes about the Nanaya family more than the True Ancestor stuff in the Near Side routes).

In my break between classes, I'm playing the Tsukihime PLUS+DISC**, which is just a bunch of extra short stories (and finally a good look at Shiki's face!).  When that's done, I'll move on to Kagetsu Tohya....and then Melty Blood...and then all the Fate games...and then I can watch Carnival Phatasm! ...Oh God, kill me now. @_@

**EDIT: MOTHER OF GOD.  I'm only 30 minutes into the first short story, and HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.

So, I'm back at school

Though today was only the second day.  My classes don't seem too bad so far; I just have a lot of reading and writing to look forward to.  ;_;

Ummm...random post time?

Harry Potter: POTTERMORE.  :DDDD
I got my email yesterday and finished the first book.  I'm trying to get more House points today by brewing potions, and I went back and found some items I missed the first time through.
Lesse here...I'm a Ravenclaw.  My wand is a 13 and 3/4 inch Ebony wand with Unicorn hair.
I can't wait until the second book opens, though.  I've heard it won't open until open registration in October, so that's depressing.

No.6: HNNNNG.  I enjoyed this episode.  Though I have to admit I'm a bit upset they didn't keep in yandere!Sion. (From what I understand, there was more of a fight when they were captured, and Sion went and nearly choked to death someone who hurt Nezumi.  That "he's more dangerous than he looks" line from Nezumi was probably a reference to that.)  It's also interesting to see all the speculation surrounding Safu because 99% of it is wrong.  But the next episode is the manhunt and infiltration it looks like; I can't wait!

...unfortunately, though, I gotta go through school to get to it now.

1) 3rd Year Japanese: Jesus Christ could we have more homework?!
2) Organic Chemistry: ...just kill me now
3) Japan's Recent Past: I love this teacher...but this and all following are reading/writing heavy
4) Anthropology of Religion: aka, "Why do we have religion"
5) Metaphysics: aka, "Why do we...anything?"

But because labs don't meet on the first week of school, I didn't have a four hour long Orgo lab at 1pm--AND my Anthro class got out early because all we did was syllabus stuff.  So I was able to watch No.6 live (for the last time...D:).  I'm also incredibly amused, because it looks like my Anthro and Meta classes might actually help me with my NaNoWriMo project--more specifically, with the world and rules of souls/the afterlife/etc.  I'm excited.


So, I just read the recent chapter of Naruto.  And while I can try to come up with something that redeemed the chapter for me...

What the actual fuck was up with this chapter?!

God, that was bad jokes and writing and pacing and just sheer stupidity.  Even Itachi being there didn't make for it, dammit.
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Quick break before more packing shenanigans

So, I decided to be a masochist or something and went to see if there was a No.6 thread on /a/.  I found one...about the kiss...that devolved fairly quickly.  But then there was a poster who said the following:

"This is not about whether kissing a dude on the lips is okay in Europe or not. This is about how messed up Shion and Nezumi are socially, and what is taught as appropriate in No. 6.
Shion is socially retarded and oblivious to how relationships, even non-romantic ones, should work. No. 6 does not prepare its people well socially. Nezumi never engages in affectionate interactions away from his acting and Shion, it's against his personal beliefs that he was taught growing up. He's detached from normal reactions and treats it like he's acting with manipulative purpose.
Until one of them faps to another man intentionally there is no black or white in this, only your personal preference. You can have your interpretations but you cannot claim them to be official.
The word 'love' does not have to be romantic. You can love your close friends and family without being romantically or sexually involved. That said, it is my personal preference that Shion be asexual, capable of romantic feelings for either sex but not sexually attracted. I feel that Nezumi is the more misguided of the two, he's possessive in a way that I don't see as romantic and cannot understand himself."

WHAT.  You mean there's a sane person on /a/?!

I liked the point this poster made a lot...of course, it meant the thread died because there was nothing else to fanwank about.  I feel so bad that I hate 99% of this fandom.
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