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So, first, I WON NANOWRIMO YAY.  I'm totally gonna buy Scrivener because that program is AMAZING.

Second, and more rant-like, why on earth do I like Guilty Crown so much when it's cliche-ridden and omg.

It just sort of hit me all of a sudden over the weekend that I really like Guilty Crown.  And I got SUPER excited when I saw that the OST would be released January 25.  It's by the same guy who did the AoEx OST, so I'm totally looking forward to it.

But, no, about the show itself.  It's definitely very pretty, and the animation is generally HNNNG, and the music is GOD TIER, but the characters and (so far) general plot are a little lacking.  For some, it's probably gone into so-bad-it's-good territory (at least, it seems like that's the case on /a/, where there are jokes of dropping it every week for one reason or another).  Nevertheless, I really like Shu for some reason.  Yuuki Kaji voicing him probably has something to do with it, though...omg I recognized his voice in Kimi to Boku and nearly lost my shit.  Okamoto's in it too, but I don't know how big or a role his character, amusing as Kenji is, will play yet.

Anyway...yeah.  I definitely like Void!Shu, because DOSE RED EYES and DAT BADASSERY.  I think it's the "Crouching Moron Hidden Badass" Trope that I generally enjoy coming into full play here, because Shu is normally rather lacking of anything in particular...in fact, he whines a lot.  I'm hoping that will start to change once he gets full-on into Undertaker's "mission"--personally, I already think he's whining a bit less than he was at the beginning.  Also, his semi-reluctant respect towards Gai is kind of adorable (I remember that bit in episode...7?....where he's all "She [Inori] has this violent older brother [implied Gai]...and he's scary...and strong...and kind of cool...wait, what am I saying?"  HNNG why are they so shippable ohmygod).

IDK.  I just really like it, somehow.  So here are some half-assed predictions:
1) Shu, Gai, and Inori (see 2) all knew each other when they were younger pleasepleasepleasepleaseIneedthislikeburningpleasepleasepleaseplease
*EDIT*: So, I totally went through THAT AWESOME CLIP in the first episode when Shu pulls out the Void for the first time, and I slowed it down, and I SEE SHOTA GAI I SWEAR TO GOD.  MULTIPLE TIMES, EVEN.  DON'T LET ME DOWN ON THIS, GUYS.  DON'T DO IT.
2) "Inori" as we know her is a clone/brainwashed version/etc of the "other Inori" that knew Shu and Gai
3) Gai is not his real name
4) Shu's memory has been fucked with
5) Something about Haruka and Kurosu's involvement (and maybe Keido's, too) led to the original breakout of the Apocalypse Virus/Lost Christmas
6) The Void Genome Shu uses is directly related to the Apocalypse Virus (maybe even a mutated strain or something)
7) Similarly, Gai's ability is directly related to the Apocalypse Virus
8) Daryl will eventually join Undertaker in some capacity
9) Shu will eventually have to leave school for good, either because he's outed (again) or because he decides to do the Undertaker thing full-on
10) Someone significant dies

Alright, ten predictions.  I think that's good enough for now. 
Unfortunately, December means FINALS.  I only have to take two actual tests, but the other three are replaced by a presentation and two papers...and I honestly don't know which one I'd rather have.  @_@


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Dec. 6th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)
I still need to watch Guilty Crown!! It seems like such a guilty pleasure show and I am waiting for it to be out in full for me to marathon it someday ♥
Dec. 6th, 2011 03:01 am (UTC)
It really IS a guilty pleasure show. I watch it with a friend here every week and he tends to be really SRS BSNS with anime, so he's not liking it much so far. ^^;; But he's not ruining my enjoyment of it at all, that's for sure. I'm just glad it's going to be a 22 episode series...though it's a pity No.6 didn't get the same treatment, now that I think about it. Silly noitaminA and their weird 11-episode block.
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