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NaNo has this odd phenomenon

It's the Week Two Blues.  And I think I'm kind of going through it.

Either that, or the big UMPH of it all has disappeared and I'm going through my normal procrastination routine.  I can easily type three days worth of words (5001) in a single sitting...but I have to open the program for that to actually work.  My form of procrastination is only in effect while I'm not actually performing the task; once I get going it takes a lot to stop me.

I think my problem is that I have about 27k words and about 20k of that was character introductions and Ian getting attacked by the Phantom and getting into the contract--ie, the anime equivalent of the "first episode" introduction.  It has quite a bit of info and even more random clues just sort of dropped all over the place, but damn.  That's a long intro.  I'm really getting into it now (the end of ch.3 is Ian, Lana, and Troy meeting for the first time while fighting a Phantom and instant hatred because none of them particularly cares for people in their own ambivalent/violent/selfish way), but I JUST GOTTA OPEN THE PROGRAM.

(lol at throwing out random names and terms that no one will understand)

Also I don't think I ever wrote here that this was originally based on the idea that just sort of exploded over half a year ago, the center of which pretty much focused on a "what-if" scenario of Dark and Daisuke meeting under different circumstances and in different bodies, but ending up in a very similar relationship. Of course the "Dark" character was split in two, and that's where Ian's contract Partner (Aeol/Jason) and his Soul (err...sort of...it's complicated) (Laplace/Baentar) come in...Jason is more the fun-loving semi-brother-archetype who was pretty much accused of, um, wanting Ian when he was 16 and Ian was 10, but it wasn't his fault because having the same Soul as someone else does that to you who teases on Ian because he lurves him, and Laplace is more a way to look at the "what makes me me?" part of it because Laplace is a Spirit, not a Soul (which is in and off itself a little different than what you might think when that word is brought up), that can inhabit humans by Integration so long as they are submissive and practically fuse themselves to a soul the first time they decide to go to the human world (Spirits are normally too powerful for humans hosts, hence the submissiveness); they keep that soul "shape" for all other trips they take...which means Laplace is himself but also Ian by virtue of Integration but is also not really and Ian is technically Laplace but is also more than that because *shot*


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