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The itsy bitsy Fall 2011 post

So, I'm a couple days late, but the noitaminA block aired its new shows on Thursday and I watched both, so:

Un-Go: I was VERY surprised by how crazy this got at the end with Inga.  Like, what the fuck is Inga?  I read the description "shotaMILF", and just sort of laughed...and then watched the episode and realized it fit.  It'll be fun to watch the show and try to figure out the mysteries as they play out.

Guilty Crown: YEEEESSSS.  The last 10 minutes were gorgeous and fantastic.  That awesome soundtrack.  That gorgeous animation and art.  But damn...when the flashbacks at the end started and DAT SONG started playing I totally got shivers.  I already can't wait for the next episode.

Kind of (very) unrelatedly, I'm actually currently watching Beelzebub (like, literally, there's an episode playing right now), and the OP and ED confuse the hell out of me.  Some boy band song (is that Kpop?!) and a kids song (to which Beel is totally doing the dance from the actual music video)?  It's so out-of-sync that it's back IN sync again because of this series.  I love it.  <3

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