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Summer 2011 Final Impressions, Part 3

I do believe this is the last post for this...

Kamisama Dolls: Smells like a second-season set-up.  I liked it as a whole, but it felt a little underwhelming.  And then DAT PREVIEW with Kyohei going all crazy with Kukuri.  I need to see him as a Seki.  I'm just gonna sit back and wait for a second season announcement.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni: The first season was much stronger, somehow.  I'm still not sure what to think about the love triangle, but Akihisa is so God damn dense.  All in all, while I enjoyed it, I don't think I would have missed anything spectacular had I not caught up to watch this this season.

Blood-C: Haha...haha...WHAT.  I still can't believe this is getting a movie, but if it's going to clear up what the fuck just happened (and some of the loose ends) then thank God.  This series was a train wreck.  People had been calling the coffee and guimauve being all tampered or whatever for a while, but the last couple of episodes came out of NOWHERE.  Did everyone have to be evil, CLAMP?

Dantalian no Shoka: Pretty much confirms that Gainax adaptations are nothing special.  I enjoyed it, but it felt cut short--another cour would have been nice.  It feels like there's still a lot of backstory and the like that hasn't been covered yet.  I kinda hope for a second season, but it better deliver.

Ao no Exorcist: WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SERIES?! The writing went to absolute shit after it split from the manga.  But I'm still confused over why they went anime-original.  Did they not think sales would be good enough to warrant a second season?  I mean, all they'd have to do is wait a little longer, and they could do a 2-cour Kyoto arc like NuraMago did.  But NO, they went anime-original instead.  I see no way for this series to recover from that.  Thinks like Yukio having awakened demon power now are irreversible changes unless you do quite the asspull.  Oh least I still have the manga.
And with that, Summer 2011 comes to a (technical) close; there are still some 2-cour shows running, but a LOT of the stuff I was watching is now all kinds of done.  Fall 2011, here we come!
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