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I have a paper due Sunday evening that I should really get done tonight so I can focus on studying for my Orgo and Japanese exams (Tuesday and Wednesday), but I have Fate/Stay Night up and I'm waiting for the last episode of Dantalian no Shoka and I have 07-Ghost on the brain and I have no motivation to do anything at all but lay in bed.


...So, let's try to go through all of that before my brain explodes.

1) School.  My paper is for a Japanese history class.  This is the third class I've had this specific teacher for, and I always look forward to his essay prompts because he always has at least one "fun" one.  This time, it's assuming that Emperor Hirohito was actually charged with war crimes and writing a transcript of the cross-examination, including any important key witnesses.  This is, of course, the one I'm going to do.  I always do the fun ones, without exception.  Besides that, because I fucking failed the last Orgo exam (I have never done that badly I'msoashamed), I need to find a way to work my ASS off before Tuesday.  I also have my first Japanese exam of the year on Wednesday, but lolJapanese and no oral exams means I can sort of move some of the allotted Japanese study time to Orgo and I won't suffer.

2) Fate/Stay Night.  FUCK THIS GAME IS LONG.  I want to get as much played as possible before Fate/Zero airs (loltomorrow), but I don't think I'll even be able to get through the Fate route at this rate.  I might just watch Zero anyway...but ugh.

3) Dantalian no Shoka.  I'll give this a proper review-thing in one of my season posts, but I hope the last episode is LOLGAINAX.

4) 07-GhostI just finished re-watching the anime with a friend (who is all kinds of surprised that I didn't make him watch it before; he loved it), so I went and re-read the manga.  This is because I had previously marathoned it up to a point, but then read the updates so far apart that I couldn't keep things straight.  Not to mention the fact that the chapters aren't really being uploaded publicly anymore (for months now), so I wanted to make sure I got things straight.  AND HOMG TEITO AND FRAU.  I don't think I ever actually shipped them, per se, but their relationship is just so wonderful.  And because this current arc is a memory gambit, I'm pissed.  It's like, you spent 70-odd chapters to try to regain your memory, and then those memories and more all disappear? FUCK.

5) Motivation.  I JUST WANNA SLEEP, MAN.  MIDTERMS ARE EXHAUSTING.  FALL BREAK COME NOW PLEASE.  What have I even done in the past few weeks...?
-Orgo Exam 1
-Anthro of Religion Reading Quiz
-History Essay
-Metaphysics Paper
-Japanese Presentation
-History Keyword Exam

...Oh, on a related note, I got two OSTs in the mail a couple of days ago.

Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack 2: In general, a great soundtrack.  Comparatively?  Not as good as the first one.  This could be a bias, though; the first soundtrack had less BGM-style tracks and more action tracks and actual lyric-filled "music," which was odd and refreshing for a soundtrack and I've heard a lot of fucking soundtracks I have WAAAAAY too many.  The track titles are just as weird, of course, and there are some good songs.  I really liked the callback to the first OST.  The first track has this odd combination of foreboding and calm--a good track to start the CD, I think.  The only other track I really enjoy listening to is M, especially near the end (HNNNG VIOLINS).  The more slice-of life tracks (the GEKIBANger tracks) don't appeal to me at all; I've never liked any SoL tracks on any OST I've ever heard, to be honest.  Te other tracks are good, but not standouts in the way the first soundtrack was.

TV Animation No.6 Original Soundtrack:  This OST has an AMAZING atmosphere.  Though the music direction in the series itself was a little odd at times, I feel like the songs evoke certain scenes related to the anime when you listen to them, which is wonderful...and actually in contrast to the AoEx OSTs, which could pretty much be listened to without knowing anything about the series.  Not that one way is better than the other--I like soundtracks that are good on their own and ones that shine when you know the series--but it gives a different feel.  Vagabond and Chance Meeting (which could probably be called the "theme" for No.6) are my two big favorites, but I also really like Hitori no Toki (I don't feel like trying to come with a translation, but "Time Alone" might be an okay fit).  Though I said the songs remind me of the series, because of some of the weird instances of timing in the anime, I actually like the songs better now that I've had a chance to listen to them by themselves.  When it comes to the two versions of Requiem of Wind, though...I think I like Nezumi's version better?  I don't know.  The songs are kind of ruined by the background when you get past the first verse.  (And actually, Nezumi's is the only one that starts off with limited BGM, which is probably why I like it more)  They really should have done something about that~

...Three days.  If I can get through the Japanese exam on Wednesday, I will be FREE for a four day weekend, with nothing pressing immediately afterwards (we actually had a vote in Japanese about whether or not our exam should be before or after break, and I was all BEFORE BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY IS THE MONDAY AFTER...I am not taking an exam on my birthday, thank you very much).


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