Can't stop laughing!

I'm playing Kurenai no Tsubasa (the D.N.Angel PS2 game) after having it sit on my computer for far too long.

WHY IS IT SO FUNNY?  And why is Risa suddenly so much more likeable?

Oh God, it's beautiful.  Haha, maybe it's just because I have a better grasp of Japanese now.


"That wasn't what I was going for, but whatever.  I'm more interested in Niwa-kun's girl-seducing (or convincing) techniques." - Riku First part paraphrased, because my grasp of it was meh.  Second part, however, is entirely accurate.

Haha, so Dark has taught you something, huh Daisuke?



So, first, I WON NANOWRIMO YAY.  I'm totally gonna buy Scrivener because that program is AMAZING.

Second, and more rant-like, why on earth do I like Guilty Crown so much when it's cliche-ridden and omg.

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Unfortunately, December means FINALS.  I only have to take two actual tests, but the other three are replaced by a presentation and two papers...and I honestly don't know which one I'd rather have.  @_@

God, this is so sad...

So I went to facebook and was reminded that it was 11/11, which is more important for VETERANS DAY and all that, but my only response was "Hey, isn't it Daisuke's birthday today?"

So I pulled out volume 3 because I knew exactly which omake I was looking for and today is indeed Daisuke's birthday.


NaNoNews: I'm at 30k words!  I was able to open the program last night and get in just over 2k.  I finished the big event of chapter 3 (and even managed an early intro for the Akrasian Urge, which I wasn't at all expecting)--one more scene left and it's done!

NaNo has this odd phenomenon

It's the Week Two Blues.  And I think I'm kind of going through it.

Either that, or the big UMPH of it all has disappeared and I'm going through my normal procrastination routine.  I can easily type three days worth of words (5001) in a single sitting...but I have to open the program for that to actually work.  My form of procrastination is only in effect while I'm not actually performing the task; once I get going it takes a lot to stop me.

I think my problem is that I have about 27k words and about 20k of that was character introductions and Ian getting attacked by the Phantom and getting into the contract--ie, the anime equivalent of the "first episode" introduction.  It has quite a bit of info and even more random clues just sort of dropped all over the place, but damn.  That's a long intro.  I'm really getting into it now (the end of ch.3 is Ian, Lana, and Troy meeting for the first time while fighting a Phantom and instant hatred because none of them particularly cares for people in their own ambivalent/violent/selfish way), but I JUST GOTTA OPEN THE PROGRAM.

(lol at throwing out random names and terms that no one will understand)

Also I don't think I ever wrote here that this was originally based on the idea that just sort of exploded over half a year ago, the center of which pretty much focused on a "what-if" scenario of Dark and Daisuke meeting under different circumstances and in different bodies, but ending up in a very similar relationship. Of course the "Dark" character was split in two, and that's where Ian's contract Partner (Aeol/Jason) and his Soul (err...sort's complicated) (Laplace/Baentar) come in...Jason is more the fun-loving semi-brother-archetype who was pretty much accused of, um, wanting Ian when he was 16 and Ian was 10, but it wasn't his fault because having the same Soul as someone else does that to you who teases on Ian because he lurves him, and Laplace is more a way to look at the "what makes me me?" part of it because Laplace is a Spirit, not a Soul (which is in and off itself a little different than what you might think when that word is brought up), that can inhabit humans by Integration so long as they are submissive and practically fuse themselves to a soul the first time they decide to go to the human world (Spirits are normally too powerful for humans hosts, hence the submissiveness); they keep that soul "shape" for all other trips they take...which means Laplace is himself but also Ian by virtue of Integration but is also not really and Ian is technically Laplace but is also more than that because *shot*

It's November!

While that generally means a lot of things for me, this year it especially means National Novel Writing Month.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night, woke up in time for the start of the Nashville area online write-in, and then wrote from midnight to 3am.  I'm amused that, in 3 hours, I wrote three days worth of words (to get 50k by month's end, you need to write at least 1667 words/day).

I am very excited.  I obviously don't expect this to come out of the process as a MASTERPIECE, 'cause that's what editing is for.  :P  Nevertheless, I'm going to try my hardest to reach the goal--or, better, get the first part of three finished.

Unfortunately, I have a Metaphysics paper and a Japanese skit due on Monday, so a weekend I would have used to meet up with others at school who are also doing NaNo will be spent memorizing something in Japanese and writing about the conflict between the omniscience of God and various theories of time.


Eh, I can't be picky.  Japanese is love and Metaphysics (along with Anthro of Religion) helped me better formulate some ideas in my story, so I should stop complaining.

Also, THIS PLAYLIST.  I've spent months making a NaNo playlist, and HNNG.

HNNG LUKE (some Prof. Layton spoilers)

7 year old Luke Triton is adorable.  And I HNNNG'd every single damn time he got close to Layton.  I love those familiy-like-relationship-even-though-they're-not-actually-family relationships, and Luke and Layton are ~*ADORABLE*~.  But I DO NOT SHIP THEM.  Not even the prospect of Legal!Luke who does not actually exist from Unwound Future would have gotten me that far.  Nope nope nope.

...oh, yeah, haha.  I'm talking about Professor Layton and the Last Specter, which I got on Tuesday and finished late last night.  It was interesting to see how the two first met, and how Luke decided he wanted to leave his actual family and follow the Professor around solving strange as fuck mysteries.  (SPOILERS BELOW, SPOILERS BELOW)

Though I was glad to know Misthallery was a REAL TOWN.  Unlike ALL THE TOWNS in the main trilogy, Misthallery was REAL.  It wasn't full of robots or an illusion made by gas or a fake-future-town underground.

...God, how crazy can these plot twists be?  They always disprove the weird aspects of the plot (in this case, some mysterious supernatural Specter)...but then they reveal that there's some kind of dinosaur-like creature living in the lake?  Okay then.

I think know I'm going to watch Eternal Diva tonight; I didn't know anything about Descole when I first watched it, but now that I've finished the game that comes immediately before it, I'm totally gonna watch it again.  That, and I want more Layton.  MASK OF MIRACLE, GET OVER HERE NOW~

Also, DAT SOUNDTRACK.  Layton needs an orchestral album the same way the Ace Attorney series does; they have orchestra tracks on the OSTs (like the live Laboratory track from Unwound Future, which is Godly), but I want a full one~
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The itsy bitsy Fall 2011 post

So, I'm a couple days late, but the noitaminA block aired its new shows on Thursday and I watched both, so:

Un-Go: I was VERY surprised by how crazy this got at the end with Inga.  Like, what the fuck is Inga?  I read the description "shotaMILF", and just sort of laughed...and then watched the episode and realized it fit.  It'll be fun to watch the show and try to figure out the mysteries as they play out.

Guilty Crown: YEEEESSSS.  The last 10 minutes were gorgeous and fantastic.  That awesome soundtrack.  That gorgeous animation and art.  But damn...when the flashbacks at the end started and DAT SONG started playing I totally got shivers.  I already can't wait for the next episode.

Kind of (very) unrelatedly, I'm actually currently watching Beelzebub (like, literally, there's an episode playing right now), and the OP and ED confuse the hell out of me.  Some boy band song (is that Kpop?!) and a kids song (to which Beel is totally doing the dance from the actual music video)?  It's so out-of-sync that it's back IN sync again because of this series.  I love it.  <3

The Great Big Fall 2011 Post

Which includes a "what I'm gonna try" list, plus first impressions for things that have already aired.

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On a completely different note, I took the past few days to look for some older BL(-ish) series and watch them.  This included Sensitive Pornograph, Sotsugyou M, and Ai no Kusabi.  SP was...well, what I expected.  Nothing special, really.  AnK...well, I knew it was a pretty popular work in the genre (and I know it's getting a remake 13-episode OVA starting in January), so I figured I should watch it.  SO SAD HOMG.  But I can see where the "abuse-turns-romance" thing came from...looks like it's not a new thing, eh?

Sotsugyou M surprised me because I could have SWORN I had heard of it before, and then I remembered that Sugisaki illustrated the original manga.  <3  Why do I know this? I don't know why I know this.  I can't find it anywhere, though...the OVA was amusing, so I'd really like to read it.  BUT OH GOD.  Two of the characters probably have a fandom somewhere, because the...well, the more "uke"-like one refers to the other as "his" more than once, and is constantly hanging onto him.  But I couldn't stop laughing because the two characters had traits that reminded me of Daisuke and Dark...especially the latter, what with the purple hair with the red streak in it HAHA.  But then that got me to thinking how utterly adorable it would be if Dark and Daisuke ever were able to interract in front of everyone else, and if Dark went into one of his over-protective moments (which are few and far inbetween but all HNNG worthy)...and then I got sad.

...I check her blog/twitter too often.  Ascribe 2 is now on sale, and as far as I'm aware there still isn't a translation group for it.  I wonder how popular it is in Japan...?  I also noticed that she changed the header on her blog to Sakis.  <3

...OKAY THEN.  Done rambling.S

I have absolutely no motivation right now, like holy shit

I have a paper due Sunday evening that I should really get done tonight so I can focus on studying for my Orgo and Japanese exams (Tuesday and Wednesday), but I have Fate/Stay Night up and I'm waiting for the last episode of Dantalian no Shoka and I have 07-Ghost on the brain and I have no motivation to do anything at all but lay in bed.


...So, let's try to go through all of that before my brain explodes.

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...Oh, on a related note, I got two OSTs in the mail a couple of days ago.

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...Three days.  If I can get through the Japanese exam on Wednesday, I will be FREE for a four day weekend, with nothing pressing immediately afterwards (we actually had a vote in Japanese about whether or not our exam should be before or after break, and I was all BEFORE BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY IS THE MONDAY AFTER...I am not taking an exam on my birthday, thank you very much).